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The Museo de Antioquia, located just off the Parque Berrio Metro stop, is home to a large collection of paintings and sculptures by Medellín native, Fernando Botero. As you walk through the plaza in front of the museum, make sure you rub one of his many larger-than-life bronze statues for good luck. For those who love to cook, you will find farmer’s markets brimming with fresh produce. But if you would rather let others do the work, there are hundreds of restaurants ranging from traditional Colombian cuisine to five-star gourmet dining. Meals will run you a third to half of what you would pay back home, so eating out doesn´t have to be a once in a while treat. You can find expats living in most areas of the city, but the highest concentrations are in the neighborhoods of El Poblado and Laureles. El Poblado, is known for its terracotta highrise apartment buildings and steep hills.

Colombian people are very warm, friendly affectionate people who like to welcome strangers into their homes and lives whether they be foreign or Colombian it doesn’t https://medellinbrides.com/medellin-brides/ matter. I always found it funny walking through Parque Lleras/ Barrio Colombia etc how many but not all foreign men went crazy here with plastic, superficial women.

“The people are fantastic, there is great culture and fun, the scenery is beautiful and the women are the most attractive in the whole of Colombia,” Chalavazis claims, a feeling which is also shared by Haritonides. Young people who went abroad for education and for work in the bad years have come home in droves, bearing an international sophistication and an entrepreneurial energy. But in Medellin – where public projects helped instil a sense of pride and where ordinary private individuals simply turned their backs on the old ways – the renaissance has been more dramatic than anywhere else in the country. Seven allegations of sexual violence by security forces are currently being investigated by the attorney-general’s office. Among them is the case of a 17-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually abused by police in the city of Popayán. The girl killed herself the day after the alleged abuse.

  • When we took the car up to Santo Dominigo, it was ten minutes of pleasure rather the hectic stressed hour it used to take.
  • Her answers and our questions have been edited for clarity.
  • If you meet a girl in the Parque Lleras nightlife there is a decent chance that she wants to get paid if you get laid.
  • It is no secret that Paisas are beautiful and foreign men have been coming here for the last fifteen years to have a lot of fun.
  • Generally speaking, the prettier girl, the more cautious you should be.
  • I grew up with many of them and even the women that grew up the states prefer white American men.

They were all pretty and pretty much looked the same, long dark hair, big pink lips, pasty, petite yet curvy bodies, great smiles. It was apparent they came from higher strata level Colombian families. The only time I noticed a heavy influx of pasty chicks was during some kind of massive holiday break where the people from the inland Medellin and Bogota etc would vacation in droves to Cartagena or Tolu. Colombia, as extraordinary as it is, may also be an extremely dangerous place for foreigners; the last thing you want to do is to throw away your hard-earned money, or being mugged or something worse if you travel there under false pretenses. – Doesn’t say “thank you” or show consistent signs of appreciation. I like to pay for my dates, but at a minimum, I expect a “thank you” though some girls wont’ bother. This seems to be a Latin cultural thing…I dont’ think it’s specific to Colombia.

I took the Santo Domingo route from Acevedo station because I heard it was a community worth checking out. I’d even consider living in this magical place for a few months out of the year if I were ever to settle down, which is kinda a lot to say for a wanderlust like myself. Medellin originally didn’t make it on my list of cities to visit in Colombia until I read that it was friendly for digital nomads. My perfect day involves a beach, a killer sunset, and great bottle of wine. Jetset Christina is an online destination for living life luxuriously, and I’m glad you’re here! However, violence linked to narco-trafficking continues to affect some rural and urban areas. Despite significant decreases in overall crime in Colombia, continued vigilance is warranted due to an increase in recent months of violent crime, including crime resulting in the deaths of American citizens.

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That said, there is a lot going for Medellin and I highly recommend that you pay a visit. I hope I’ve succeeded in lowering your expectations and you might as well find yourself pleasantly surprised. You might have guessed, my verdict is that Medellin is overrated. I fell in love with the image of the city, but did not with the city itself. Food is reasonably priced and so is accommodation as long as you pay local prices. Gringo rates are often double that of what locals are willing to pay for short or medium term rent.

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In 1991, Medellín had the highest homicide rate of any city in the world , a rate which has since dropped more than 90% . The home of the infamous Medellín cartel, led by Pablo Escobar (d. 1993), drug trafficking and inter-cartel and gang violence has been – and still is – at the heart of the social and criminal problems the city faces.

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There is some useful info in the book but would be more appropriately presented in a brochure or flyer. Author’s message is women in Medellin behave the same as women everywhere else. So just behave like an Alpha and talk to every attractive female you encounter and eventually you’ll get laid. One thing I was expecting was some guidance on approaching and talking when you are not fluent in Spanish.

Well I wanted to start off by saying that I met a paisa girl while I was visiting family in Barranquilla. We went “steady” for about 18 months and me traveling for the first time to Medellin was one of the biggest risks ever. But I had a good time and people were nice and i visited about every 2 months.

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This is the reason why I keep seeing beautiful young girls with disgusting, ill business men who could be their dads. If you find yourself with a girl who doesn’t have the money for a taxi, you are setting the bar pretty low, and probably going out with a poor barrio girl, hot but pretty boring. I’ve lived in Medellin for 4 years now, game up and go after quality! Also, the girls pictured here are probably in the 10% that will not enjoy your company if you come up to them, especially if you don’t speak spanish (can’t stress that point enough).