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Let me make it clear more info on EPISODES

Let me make it clear more info on EPISODES

Click any episode below to concentrate and see links, credits, and a full transcript. To episodes that are browse subject, click on this link.

Caity Weaver joins us to talk about her love of Santa Fe, tv, pronouncing terms precisely, and exactly how her insatiable curiosity compels her to find down exactly just exactly how glitter is created. Plus, inside her numerous celebrity pages: whom tried to select the check up, who had been breathtaking in individual, and whom smells amazing.

This episode is focused on comfort in challenging times and remaining real to your self. We talk to a paragon of fabricating cozy emotions, Jenny Han, the writer behind the guide and Netflix series to any or all the males i have Loved Before.

Could it be childish to phone individuals close friends? Whom holds the keys that are various our hearts and identities? And what dreams for the past and future are receiving us through the pandemic? Aminatou discusses travel, religion, finding ourselves and exactly how we use coded language to get Jedidiah Jenkins to our people.

We talk about the inauguration celebrity parade, the fallacy of requires „unity,” Melania’s caftan, Bernie’s mittens, and ” we shall be straight right straight back in a few type.”

We’re reading fiction, nonfiction, essays and anxiety-producing novels.

The brand new 12 months has recently been a whole lot more of a whole lot. Amid therefore numerous challenges, here you will find the methods, advice, and rituals we are bringing with us into 2021.

Crawling to your line that is finish of, we get caught up and think on exactly what areas of our pandemic routines we possibly may keep even as we transfer to 2021.

How do you have more profoundly involved with an underlying cause you worry about? Specially when it is a presssing problem as challenging as homelessness? We consult with Melissa Acedera whom methods aid that is mutual Polo’s Pantry, a mobile meals bank in l . a ..

Our company is enjoying this sluggish period, grateful for just what we now have and starting our wallets for folks who encounter food insecurity. In the 1st of two episodes about food justice, we discuss our Thanksgiving feels and talk to Ebony Derr, monetary supervisor in the Okra venture, which nourishes Black trans people with dishes and community. Plus, the most popular Thanksgiving films, that which we’re consuming, and flashpoint feelings around okra (the foodstuff itself).

Purging our archives, mailing care packages instead of clothes swaps, confronting our personal consumerism, whom we imagine perusing our property product sales, key talents, plus some wonderful things we are viewing (including cults and sexy chess needless to say).

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. We break far from our anxiety puzzling to commemorate this victory. While there is therefore much strive to be achieved, seeing Kamala on phase Saturday evening had been extremely going. We revisit our 2018 meeting with then Senator, now VP-elect Harris. And we also are very happy https://datingreviewer.net/pansexual-dating/ to announce this formally breaks the CYG curse of only candidates that are highlighting never eventually win!

We share our election week feels and discuss some of the racist scams that undergird the American electoral system – like the Electoral College itself – with Heather McGhee, author of the forthcoming book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together as we await final results. Plus, the neighborhood gains, newly minted officials and old timers (like Nebraska’s Ernie Chambers) who will be offering us hope.

The Guerrilla Girls happen sexism that is resisting racism through art the past three decades. a collective that is anonymous of bedecked agitators, their campaigns have actually ranged from protests to posters, billboards, and museum interventions. With design, humor, and collective action, they call focus on dilemmas rich and effective organizations prefer to side-step. Most of the known people just take pseudonyms after dead females music artists. We chatted with founding people Frida Kahlo and Käthe Kollwitz concerning the human body of work collected in a book that is new Guerrilla Girls: The Art of Behaving poorly.

Activists and performers had been getting up each time in anger and despair after Trump’s election. Alongside actions and demonstrations, teams began developing across the nation to gather, protest, and sing. Within the episode that is first the art of opposition, we tune in to the sounds (talked and sung) of two choirs: the opposition Revival Chorus in nyc and Community Chorus in Los Angeles.

We consider a startup that is vc-backed ladies who have to scream into pillows. a short conversation associated with the Supreme Court nomination of this Judge Handmaiden. Happily, Rebecca Traister’s focus on the power that is political of’s anger is definitely prompt, even as we revisit our 2018 meeting.

In this latest season of this pandemic, we’re looking for joy where we could: guava cocktails, classic golf garments, journaling, repetition, monotony, as well as the future.

We are handling our election anxiety and having out of the vote. Does phone banking, text banking, and creating a voting plan really go the needle? We learn with Crooked Media governmental director Shaniqua McClendon.

Do you really need one thing to learn (and simply take your brain far from doom-scrolling)? We consult with Nessa Rapport about her novel Evening and Alice Wong, editor associated with the anthology, impairment exposure.

How do we produce vary from within institutions? We talk to longtime civil liberties activist, Pramila Jayapal, who had been elected to Congress in 2016 about her work utilizing the Congressional Progressive Caucus, pushing for modification inside the Democratic Party.

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